Frequently Asked Questions About Higher Education


Application Process

Q:     Can I apply to more than one program?

A:     Yes.

Q:     Can I enroll in more than one program concurrently?

A:     No.

Q:     What kind of GPA do I need in order to be accepted into a Higher Education program?

A:     There is no minimum GPA required for acceptance into any program.

Q:     Do I need to include SAT or ACT scores in my application?

A:     Reporting SAT or ACT scores is an optional part of the application.  If you do provide SAT or ACT scores please attach unofficial score reports from ETS to your application.

Q:     How can I distinguish myself from other applicants?

A:     Understand the mission of Higher Education and how it aligns with your goals.  Express this understanding in your essay, resume, and interview.  These are the most important pieces of your application.

Q:     Can I apply for financial aid or merit awards?

A:     Yes.  If you apply for financial aid please attach a scanned copy of your head of household’s 2015 income tax return to your application.


Program Details

Q:     How much time must I commit if I want to enroll in a Higher Education program?

A:     Successful completion of Higher Education programs requires 40+ hours a week for ten months to a full year.

Q:     Where do students enrolled in Higher Education programs earn college credits?

A:     Enrollment in partner colleges and universities depends on program location.

Q:     Is Higher Education an accredited college or university?

A:    No. Higher Education is a non-profit organization.  Higher Education partners with accredited colleges and universities so that enrollees may earn college credits.

Q:     How will I be graded?

A:     Coursework at partner colleges and universities will be graded on an A-F scale.   All other components will be graded pass/fail. Students must earn a B or better, on coursework graded on an A-F scale, in order to successfully complete all Higher Education programs.

Q:     What tools will I utilize to successfully navigate and complete my Higher Education program?

A:     Instructors will provide rubrics and clear syllabi that outline requirements.

Q:     How can I distinguish myself within my cohort?

A:     Students have the opportunity to earn acknowledgment as distinguished members of their cohort during the summer.  This is the only time students can earn distinguished classification.

Q:     How much is tuition and fees?

A:     The projected tuition and fee costs for 2017-2018 programs is $6,560.


Student Life

Q:     Where do Higher Education Cohort members live?

A:     Students have a variety of options regarding living arrangements.  Students can remain at their permanent residence, find housing on their own, or utilize Higher Education resources to find housing and/or roommates.

Q:     In what region of the country will I complete program requirements?

A:     Locations vary based on program.  Click here for more details.

Q:     Does tuition include housing, meal plan, or travel costs?

A:     No